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 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for Using Chesapeake.Net Email:
 Make the  following entries  in yor email  program to use  Chesapeake.Net  Email - Specific  instructions for  various email  programs are  given below.

 POP3 (incoming) server: 
 SMTP (outgoing) server:   smtp.chesapeake.net
 Usenet News server:  news.chesapeake.net

 Your POP Account Name:
 If you know your  email address  then you know  your POP acount  user name and  password.  If  your email  address is bob@chesapeake.net and your password is hankypants ,  then your  POP user name is  also bob@chesapeake.net and your password is hankypants .   Note  that user names  and passwords are case  sensitive .

 SMTP Authentication:
 All Chesapeake.Net email accounts require SMTP Authentication in order to help reduce SPAM.  Make sure this feature is turned ON or you will be unable to send email.  Most email programs use your POP account name and password for SMTP authentication which is what our system requires.

DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS for Using Chesapeake.Net Email:

 Windows  95/98/Me/XP


 Solutions  to Common E-Mail Problems

 General  E-Mail Information



 Please contact us at support@chesapeake.net if you require  further information or assistance with  yourChesapeake.Net e-mail service, or call our Technical Support staff at 1-877-259-8436

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