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 Eudora Pro 4.2.2 Setup Instructions

 Versions of  Eudora earlier  than 4.2.2 are  not compatible  with SMTP-Auth  and therefore  will not work  with  Chesapeake.Net's  Email  service.   Please follow  the   step-by-step  instructions  below to  configure Eudora  Pro 4.2.2   to work with your Chesapeake.Net e-mail account.  Please note that these instructions apply specifically to Eudora Pro version 4.2.2, but should  remain   relatively  consistent with  all 4.2.x  versions of  Eudora Pro.  When  in  doubt,  refer to Eudora  Pro's online help  to aid you in  finding  exact   setting locations.

  • Select Tools ,  then Options ,  from the Eudora Pro Menu Bar as shown in the illustration below.

Eudora Pro 4.x - Menu Bar 


  •  Enter the information  required in the Getting  Started window as shown in the illustration below.   Note that your  " username "  is your email account username as listed on your Chesapeake.Net Account Setup Information sheet.
  • You may enter anything  you wish into the Real  Name field,  though your full name is  recommended.  This name identifies the  name of the person sending email using Eudora Pro, and  will appear  in the From field of any email sent from this program.

Eudora Pro 4.x - Getting Started 



    •  Many of the settings  in the Incoming  Mail menu  may be set to your personal  preferences. 
    • The Server  Configuration must be set to POP and the Authentication  style must be set to Passwords ,  however, for you to successfully log on to the mail  server.  Failure  to select  POP in Server configuration or Passwords for  Authentication style will result in being  unable to log on to  the mail server
    • You should also  avoid setting Eudora Pro Leave  mail on server unless  you will be  checking your account from multiple workstations -  in which case at least one of the  workstations from which you  check your mail should not be set to Leave  mail on server
    • We also advise  against setting the Skip  messages over x K in size field unless you are  checking e-mail from multiple workstations as  well.  If you will be checking your mail from  multiple  workstations, at least one should not be set to Skip  messages... or your mailbox  may fill up and your service will be  interrupted.

Eudora Pro 4.x - Incoming Mail 


  • Most of the settings  in the Sending  Mail menu  may be set to your personal preferences.  The SMTP  Server must  be set to mail.chesapeake.net as illustrated below however, or you will be  unable to send messages  from your account.

Eudora Pro 4.x - Sending Mail 


  • The settings in all  other sections of Eudora Pro may be set to your personal  preferences.  In you  are not sure what a particular setting  does, refer to the Eudora Pro online help for guidance and   information.
  •  To enable SMTP AUTH you will have to edit the "eudora.ini" text file which is located in the  eudora's directory.

     First quit your eudora, then open "eudora.ini" in your favourite text editor.

     On the top of the file, you will see something like this:

    RealName=Your Real Name


     To activate SMTP AUTH add 2 following lines, just below the [Settings] line:


     Now start Eudora and everything should work fine. Eudora works best when you have the same password  on the SMTP server as on the pop server because it's hard to distinguish between smtp and pop3  password dialogs. Also you should have THE SAME login on both (smtp and pop) servers.



 Please contact us at support@chesapeake.net if you require  further information or assistance with  yourChesapeake.Net e-mail service, or call our Technical Support staff at 1-877-259.8436..

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