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 Domain Issues:


  •  One of the most common  problem with Chesapeake.Net users  on   their own  registered  domain  involves  confusion  over  their  mail   server  addresses.   Even if  your  email  address  is bob@bobsdomain.com ,  your mail server addresses are still as follows:

    SMTP (outgoing  messages):   mail.chesapeake.net
    POP3 (incoming messages):  mail.chesapeake.net

    Likewise, your POP3 email account user name is still
    bob ,  just like a normal Chesapeake.Net email account.

  Error  Messages:


  •  Host Unknown , or Server  Unreachable error messages are often received when your email  software is misconfigured for use with Chesapeake.Net .    Typically  the  incoming  or  outgoing  server  name is  not set  properly   to mail.chesapeake.net .

  • POP Lock errors  occur when you either have more than one program attempting to check  email at the same time, or your connection to the mail server is  still open but inactive.  Simply close all of your email  software, wait 15 minutes, and try to connect again to resolve this  issue.

  Password  Issues:


  • The most  common  error   that  leads to  password  problems  is when a  user  forgets  that   passwords  are case  sensitive.   Passwords  must be  entered  into   your  email  programs  exactly  as they  appear on  your Chesapeake.Net information sheet.  If your password appears in lower case on  the sheet, then it must be entered in lower case into your  particular email program.

    If you are still having problems, or have forgotten your password,  contact
    Chesapeake.Net tech support.
  • Changing  your  password   can be  accomplished  one of  two  ways.   First, if  you  are   familiar  with UNIX  you may  change it  yourself  by  connecting  via  a   telnet  connection  to shell.chesapeake.net .    This  change  may take  as long  as 24  hours to  take  effect,  but  will   change  the  e-mail  password,  the shell  account  password,  and  the   primary  dial-up  log-in  password  if this  particular  username  is  also   the   username  for the  dial-up  log-in.

    The second method is to simply contact
    Chesapeake.Net tech support and requesting a password change.

  •  Chesapeake.Net recommends storing  your  username  and  password  information  in a safe  place  after   configuring  your  e-mail  software ,   and  strongly  advises  against  giving  out your  password  to  anyone   other  than  yourself.

  Slow  Email Download Times:


  • Slow  email  download  times are  attributed  to   either  large  quantities  of email,  or large  file  attachments  waiting   in your  inbox.  This  usually  only  occurs   when  either  someone  has sent  you an  attachment  or you  have  not   checked  for new  mail in  quite  some time.   Simply  let   your  email  program  finish  downloading  the mail,  and the  problem   should go  away.

    If  the  problem  persists,  you may  have set  your  email  client  to   "leave  mail on  server,"  or you  may need  a Chesapeake.Net admin to clean out your account for you.  Contact Technical  Support if this is the case.

  Unsolicited  (Junk) Email:


  • Your  email  address  is   only  known to  those you  give it  out to,  and users  typically  quickly   find  their  inboxes  filling  with junk  mail  shortly  after  they  have   registered  for an  online  directory  service  or have  frequented  a  chat   room  online.  Users   should  think  twice  before  entering  their  email  address  into a  web   site that  asks for  one.     Likewise,  chat  services  sometimes  allow  other  users to  obtain  your   email  address,  and  precautions  should be  taken by  the user  to   prevent  this  information  from  being  revealed  to the  public.

     Chesapeake.Net in no way supports or sends junk email advertisements to its users,  and never gives out user email addresses to other advertising  services that would do so.  Any   email you  receive  has been  sent to  you by  someone  who has  received   your  email  address  from  either  you or  some  party or  service  that   does know  you.


 Please contact us at support@chesapeake.net if you require  further information or assistance with  yourChesapeake.Net e-mail service, or call our Technical Support staff at 1-877-764-4638.

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