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 Setting up Outlook Express for Multiple Email Addresses

 If you have arranged to have more than one email address at Chesapeake.Net , one way of  setting up  Outlook Express  to retrieve your  email is to use  the built-in  "message rules"  feature of your  Outlook Express  program.  In  order to do this  you must first  make sure that  you have  Microsoft Outlook  Express version  5.0 or greater  installed on your  machine.  Microsoft Outlook  Express 5.0 can  be downloaded for  free from www.microsoft.com

 Once Outlook  Express 5.0 is  installed, use  the following  instructions to  setup your email  accounts on your  PC.  These  instructions are only for those customers that wish to retrieve multiple email addresses on a single PC.  Customers that have more than one PC my setup each PC with a single email name using our regular email setup instructions


 This method will place email messages addressed to each email address into its own folder in Outlook  Express.  Although this will provide a convienient method of separating your various email accounts, this  will NOT prevent other users of your PC in your household from viewing your email..

  1. Once you have opened Outlook Express 5.0, Select Tools , Message Rules and then Mail . The  picture below shows the steps


  1. Check the box that has: "Where the message is from the specified account."
  2. Check the box that has: "Move it to the specified folder."
  3. Set the name of the rule. You can call this whatever you want.


  1. Click the first blue text, "Specified." This is the one before the word, "account."
  2. Select the account that you would like in the separate folder, and then click OK.


  1. Click on the second blue text, "Specified." This is the one before the word, "folder."
  2. Click on "Inbox."
  3. Click on "New Folder."
  4. Enter what you want the folder to be called. In the example since its Bob's account, we call it  "Bob's Mail."




  1.  Keep clicking on OK until you are back to the beggining of the Outlook screen.
  2. Make sure the folder you specified appears on the left. In the example the folder is called "Bob's  Mail."



 From now on, all mail sent to Bob's account will go to the "Bob's Mail" folder. To Read Mail for this user,  click once on the "Bob's Mail" folder and the list of messages recieved for this account will be display to  the right.

 Repeat Steps 1-13 for each email account


Please contact us at support@chesapeake.net if you require further information or assistance  with your Chesapeake.Net e-mail service, or call our Technical Support staff at 1-877-259-8436.

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