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 Obtaining  Additional Email Accounts:

  • Current Tier 1  customers can   obtain additional  email accounts (up to  5 per customer) for a  one  time set up  fee of $5.00, however  once these new  accounts are   activated your email  software must be  reconfigured to check  and  handle  multiple email  accounts.  Tier 0,  Tier 2, and Tier  3  customers can  call for additional  email account pricing.

    Outlook  Express 4.x and  higher as well as  Eudora Pro 4.x and  higher  support  multiple email  accounts, however  they must  specifically be   set up to handle  multiple accounts.  Chesapeake.Nethighly recommends installing Outlook Express 5.0 if you plan  to handle multiple email accounts, as it is best suited to do  so.  Outlook Express 5.0 can be obtained free of charge from Microsoft ,  and comes as apart of the Internet Explorer 5.0 download.

    Please contact
    Chesapeake.Net at 1-877-764-4638 to set up additional email accounts, or if  you need assistance configuring your software to use them.

  Remotely  Checking Your Chesapeake.Net Account:

  •  Going away for  awhile?  Chesapeake.Net email accounts can be checked virtually anywhere in the world as  long as you have access to the internet.  If you have access to  the internet you can either set up email software on that computer  to check your Chesapeake.Net account (the exact same way you would if you were at home, but  simply using another internet connection), or you can register with  a free Web based email provider such as Hotmail   or Yahoo mail.

    These free Web email providers allow you to configure a free online  email account to check your
    Chesapeake.Net account, simply by providing your POP server name, POP username, and  password.  You can get all of that info directly from our
    email  settings page, in case you have forgotten it.

    Have other  questions about  remotely checking  your email?   Feel  free to  contact our technical  support staff, who  will be happy  to  provide any  information that you  require.

  Username Notes:

  • All usernames are  case sensitive, as  are  passwords.   Please refer to your  Account Setup  Information   sheet to confirm the  exact spelling of  your username and  password.
  • Chesapeake.Net email usernames are available on a first come, first serve basis, so  call to reserve yours today!

  Virtual E-Mail  Accounts:

  •  Virtual e-mail addresses (email address  aliases) can be set up for all current Chesapeake.Net customers for an additional charge.  If you require multiple  email addresses but only want to have to check one account, give us  a call and see what we can do for you.

 Please contact us at support@chesapeake.net if you require  further information or assistance with  yourChesapeake.Net e-mail service, or call our Technical Support staff at (410)  257-5400.

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