Email Service Upgrade for all  Chesapeake.Net Customers (Mandatory)

    Effective immediately , Chesapeake.Net is implementing a no cost improvement to our mail server that should help reduce spam and unwanted emails for all our users. This free service will significantly enhance the Postini Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus filter being used by most of our users and will especially help those users that have chosen not to use the Postini Spam/Anti-Virus filter.

     This is a MANDATORY change. ALL users that have ''  contained in their email address MUST  make the following changes to their  email settings immediately in order  to assure that their Chesapeake.Net Email continues to work properly.

     The ONLY Exception: Tier 3 users that do not have '' in their email address should not follow these instructions

 Choose the one that is appropriate for you:

 1. Instructions for Microsoft Outlook Express or MS Outlook 2000
 (This is the default email program installed on most machines)

 2. Instructions for Microsoft Outlook 2002 or 2003

3. Instructions for Mac OSX Mail

4. Still Having Problems?

    Question:   I'm getting a "Protocol Error" or a "Relaying Denied" message

     Answer: Many Anti-Virus programs including  Mcafee, Norton Anti-virus and AVG are  not compatible with SMTP  authentication.  If you have one  of these anti-virus programs, turn  off the option to check outgoing  email for viruses - do NOT turn off  the virus check for incoming mail or  you will leave your machine  vulnerable.

     Also, some older email programs do not support SMTP Authentication.  Examples include version 6.0 and older of Netscape, version 4 of Eudora, version 9.0.0 of Entourage - If you have one of these programs you will need to upgrade to a later version.  In the interim, you can use our webmail program to send and receive email at this link.


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