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 Chesapeake.Net Junk-Mail Filter Order Form
 $2.00 per month per e-mail address!

 Chesapeake.Net has installed a new Anti-Spam and Anti-Junk Mail service for our users.  This service will only work for our customers.  This service can block up to 90% of unwanted Junk-Email including "get rich quick", "pornography", and many other types of junk mail.

To activate your  private, configurable and  personal Junk Mail  filter, please complete  the form below.  The  cost will be $1.00 per month and will automatically added to your current service.  After confirmation, you will be notified via email within 24-48 hours that your junk-mail filters are activated.  Once activated, these filters will start working immediately - no further action need  be taken by you.



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Email Addresses I own and would like filtered for $2.00 per month each (must be a chesapeake.net address)