Notice to all Chesapeake.Net DSL Customers:


Due to an error in Verizon’s DSL billing system, Chesapeake.Net DSL customers may be receiving invalid invoices from Verizon in the amount of $0 (zero).

If you do receive such an invoice, DO NOT call Verizon and ask them to stop sending the invoices.  This would most likely result in your DSL service being turned off by Verizon which would then require a new line be ordered at a cost to the customer of up to $60 for the activation fee and two weeks of downtime. 

Instead, please send the invoice directly to us either by fax at 1-866-519-1980 or by mail to Southern Maryland Internet, PO Box 405, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Verizon is aware of the issue and has taken steps to correct it. In the mean time we appreciate your patience in dealing with this unacceptable action by Verizon



Fred Brechbiel
Southern Maryland Internet, Inc.
410-535-7030 option 4