Security Announcement (Nov 10 2011)


There is a new phishing scam going around.  If you see a message similar to the following, DO NOT respond to it.  It is NOT from Chesapeake.Net


An Attempt has been made to login from a new computer. For the security of your account, we are poised to open a query. Kindly verify your login details by responding to this email and providing your UserID {_______} Pass-Word {_______} Confirm Pass-Word {_______} in the spaces provided.

Do not ignore this message to avoid termination of your webmail account.

Chesapeake Internet Support

If you have responded to any of these phishing attempts, please contact Southern Maryland Internet at your earliest convenience via TELEPHONE to change your password. You may reach us by toll-free call at (877)259-8436 Monday through Friday between 9AM and 9PM

As we have mentioned in the past, NEVER EMAIL YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE - EVEN US!

We will not reset your password if requested to do so in an email. You must contact us by telephone.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Fred A. Brechbiel Jr.
Southern Maryland Internet, Inc.

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