ANNOUNCEMENT (Jan 6, 2013) has upgraded to a new server and moved Postini mail accounts over to the new server.

Customers using standard email clients such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Outlook express, etc should not require any changes.  These are the settings you should already be using:

    account login:
    password: email password
    incoming server:
    outgoing server:

Customers who use Webmail will notice a few differences as follows:

    1. There is a new login screen at 


    2. login name is now the full email address (not the address as it used to be)

    3. When you login you will be at your email control panel where you can login to your inbox by clicking “Read Mail using Squirrelmail”


    3. Only the inbox and address book were migrated to the new mail server – other folders were not migrated (Trash, Drafts, Sent, any custom folders)

    4. Customers can still login to their old webmail account by visiting


and logging in with their account name and password if you want to try and recreate their address book, and other folders.

No new mail will be sent to the old webmail account.

Best Regards,

SMI Technical Team

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