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 Configuring Windows 95 for Chesapeake.Net

 The easiest way to configure  Windows 95 for the internet is to use the
"Internet Setup Wizard"

 What You'll Need

 If you purchased your computer with  Windows 95  installed on it, or  bought the full version of Windows 95,  you already  have the Internet Setup  Wizard.  However, if you purchased  the  "upgrade" version of  Windows95, you don't have the Setup   Wizard.

 Using The Wizard To Set Up Your Account


  1. If you have never used your  Internet icon  before just  double click it and it will bring  up the wizard and skip  to  step 3...otherwise do step 2.
  2. Click on the "start"  button, followed  by:  programs, accessories, internet  tools, and Internet Setup  Wizard...  it may also be  called "get online" or  something similar.   This  starts up the wizard, and brings  you to the  "Welcome"   screen.  Click on  "next".  If it asks  whether or  not you want to  use an 'automatic' or 'manual'  setup, pick 'manual'.
  3. The "How To Connect"  screen. Click on   "connect using phone  line". Click on  "next".   The  second "How To Connect"  screen should appear.   Make  sure that the "I already  have an account with  another  service  provider" box is checked.   Click on  "next".
  4. The "Service Provider"  screen.   Type in a name for  your connection, such as  "Southern Maryland   Internet".  Click on  "next".
  5. The "Phone Number"  screen.  Type  in the area  code and number that is local for  your location to  connect to  Southern Maryland Internet.   It is your  responsibility  to make certain that the phone  call is local from  your  area.  The list of modem lines to choose from is located  online and in your Welcome Packet.  DO NOT Click on the  "Bring up term window after dialing box".  Click on  "next".
  6. The "User Name And  Password"  screen.   Type in your PPP login username  (all lower case) and   password (case-sensitive).    You must append "@chesapeake.net" after the ppp login name listed on your account setup information sheet.  - Click on "next".
  7. The "IP Address"  screen.  Make  sure that the  "My Internet Service  Provider provides me   one" is checked.  Click on  "next".
  8. The "DNS Server"  Screen. Make sure that the  "My Internet Service  Provider provides me   one" is checked.  Click on  "next".
  9. The "Internet Mail"  Screen.   Check the  "Use Internet Mail  Settings" box.  Type   your email address  (username@chesapeake.net) in the  "your  e-mail  address" box.  Type  mail.chesapeake.net in the   "internet mail server"  box.  Click on   "next".
  10. The "Exchange Profile" screen.   Unless your computer is connected to a local area network, click on  "next".
  11. The "Finished" screen.  Click on  "next".
  12. The setup process is now complete.

 Using Windows 95 To Dial Southern Maryland  Internet


  1.  Click on the "My Computer" icon on  your desktop.
  2. Click on the "Dial Up Networking"  icon in the "My Computer" Window.
  3. Click on the dial up icon with  the name you  chose in step  3 above.  This will bring up the  dialing box.   Make sure  your username and password appear  in the dialing box.   Click  on the "connect" button.
  4. The modem should dial Southern  Maryland  Internet and  connect. After a moment, if you  have correctly typed  your  username and password, you should  see a small window pop up  in  the center of your  screen saying "verifying  username and   password". A moment later,  it will say "connected  at  (speed)", and start  a timer showing how long you've  been  connected.
  5. You should now be able to use all  of your  internet software,  such as Netscape, Eudora, FTP  Telnet, Microsoft  Explorer,  etc.
  6. Click on the "disconnect" button when  you want Windows 95 to drop its connection to Southern Maryland  Internet.


Please contact us at support@chesapeake.net if you require  further information or assistance with  yourChesapeake.Net e-mail service, or call our Technical Support staff at 1-877-764-4638.

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