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 Chesapeake.Net Tier 1 accounts come standard with 5 MB of web storage space.   To activate this storage area, please complete this online form . The storage space is accessible only to the primary email user name and password ,  so keep  this in mind if  you have more  than one email  account with Chesapeake.Net .

 Your web site  address is: http://www.chesapeake.net/~username
 (Again, where "username"  is the email user name of the primary Tier 1 email account)

 To upload files to  this web address you will need an FTP client program, such as CuteFTP   or any of the clients listed on the CWS  Applications page (we recommend CuteFTP 3.0, but any client listed  on CWS will work).  Once you have downloaded and installed an FTP  client, you will need to configure it to connect to Chesapeake.Net .

 Please note the FrontPage  Server Extensions are NOT available to Tier 1 customers.

 The connection settings  you will need to enter into your FTP program:

  • Host Address: www.chesapeake.net

  • User ID: FTP username (See Account Setup Information sheet)

  • Password: FTP password (See Account Setup Information sheet)

  •  Initial Remote  Directory: public_html

 For instance, in CuteFTP  3.0, you would enter these settings like this:

  • First, click the Site  Manger Button on the main button bar, as shown below.

CuteFTP 3.0 Button Bar 

  • Next, click the "Add  site" button in the FTP Site Manager window.

CuteFTP 3.0 Site Manager 

  • Finally, enter all of the  information as shown below, and click "OK."

CuteFTP 3.0 Add Host 

 Please Note: Only files stored  in the "public_html" subdirectory of your Chesapeake.Net   account are visible via your web  site address.  If this  subdirectory does not exist in your root directory, create  it manually with your FTP client.  If you are  unsure how to  create this directory using your FTP program, consult your client's  online help, or contact Technical Support.

Directory names are case sensitive, and Tier 1 accounts have a 5 MB  limit on the amount of data they can store in their Chesapeake.Net accounts.

 Tier 1 users are not permitted to  use CGI scripts of any kind on their personal web page, and there is a  100  MB limit on the amount of bandwidth your site can use.  If  your site transmits any more than 100 MB per month,  $10  per each  additional 100 MB will be charged to your account.

 Please contact us at support@chesapeake.net if you require  further information or assistance with yourChesapeake.Net e-mail service, or call our Technical Support staff at 1-877-764-4638.

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