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 56K Connection Speed FAQ

 Not  getting  full 56K  connection  speeds?  Well,  first of all, FCC  regulations only  allow for about  53000 bps  connection   speeds.  But if  you're still not  getting any  better than  28.8   connection speeds  with a fully V.90  compliant modem,  you may want to  read the following

 3 things you need to get 56k speeds:

     1. A 56K modem
    2. An Internet service provider that supports 56K (We do)
    3. A phone line that supports 56K

#1 The first  one is easy. There are plenty of 56K modems on the market, with more arriving every day. We recommend 3Com Sportsters because they are the best at handling the less-than-perfect phone lines in Southern Maryland. You can buy this brand and many others at Performance PCs in Dunkirk

#2Chesapeake.Net has all 56k Modems as identified on our contact page .  Our  modems are  monitored  continously.   They will connect  to your modem at  the highest speed  possible given  the quality of  your phone line.

#3 The third requirement is most typically the reason that will prevent most people from using 56K.  For 56K technology  to work, there can only be one analog-to-digital conversion (A/D switch) between your home or office and the Closest Phone Company Central Office (CO). If there's more than one, you can't use 56K, and your connection will be limited to V.34 speeds (a maxumim of 33.6K but 26.4K is more common).  This is not a condition that your ISP can take care of.  Most likely if there are more than one A/D switches on your line, you are stuck with it.  It is a method used by the phone companies to add more phone lines to a given area by creating branch points in existing phone lines.  Its fine for voice-grade connections but immediately rules out any hope for a fast modem connection.

To find out if  your phone line  supports 56k  connections,  3Com/U.S.  Robotics has a  test line that  allows you to  dial in with your  existing V.34 or  56k modem.   The phone number  to call and other  details can be  found at the page below . 3Com strongly  recommends  calling the test  line multiple  times to get an  accurate reading.

 If your phone line passes that test, you can probably use a 56K modem. It isn't guaranteed, though. The long distance call to the U.S. Robotics test line may be routed through different circuits than a call to your local ISP. The only 100% guaranteed test is to borrow a 56K modem and dial into your local ISP from your home or office. If you can't connect to a known 56k ISP, then your lines do not support 56k connections


 U.S. Robotics x2 Compatibility Test Page

 Trying  to  decide on which  modem to buy?   Well, not all  modems were  created   equal, even if  the all claim  V.90 compliance.   Your best bet is  to  research  your purchase  first, and the buyers  guide at 56k.com has some of the best, most thorough reviews  available.

 Please contact us at support@chesapeake.net if you  require   further  information or  assistance with  yourChesapeake.Net e-mail service, or call our Technical Support staff at 1-877-764-4638.

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