Residential Dial-up Service Options
Please review our   Acceptable Use Policy .  All users must agree to this  policy before an account will be  established.  We have Regional access numbers  for Maryland, DC, Delaware and Pennsylvania and we have National Access numbers  for nearly every other major location in the United states.

Basic Access - $9.00/mo
Monthly accounts in this category must be auomatically charged to a credit or debit card.   Your Internet charges will be  automatically processed and will be  visible on your credit card statement.

  • 56k dialup connection
  • Unlimited connect time
  • Nationwide Access
  • Prepaid 1-Year: $108.00
  • Monthly: $9.00/mo

 Email Account (Bring your own internet connection) - $8.95/mo
This account is for customers that  already have an internet connection like  Cable or DSL and do not want a dialup  internet account.

  • Email address
  • Built-in Anti-SPam Protection
  • Monthly: $8.95
  • Prepaid 1-Year: $84.00


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