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Internet Connectivity
Chesapeake.Net can connect your entire office to the Internet, whether your company is a small family-owned business or a medium-sized company with up to 50 employees.  Call today to discuss a connectivity solution tailored to your needs.

Web Site Hosting
Need a place to host your web site? Our  state-of-the-art hosting platform offers  top performance for hometown  pricing.  Just look at our service offerings  .

Web Site Development
Don't have the time or the skills to make a professional looking web site?  Complete this   information request form and we'll contact you with a free consultation.

Local Area Networks
Chesapeake.Net and its affiliates can work together to completely network your office and streamline your business operations.  Call now to see what we can do for you!

Wide-area Networks and VPN
Connect offices at multiple locations using the Internet and secure VPN technology.  Chesapeake.Net and its affiliates will work together to make your business grow smoothly and economically.

Custom Computers
Need to outfit your office with computers  made especially to fit your needs?   We can make it happen. Southern Maryland's most reliable  custom computer supplier.

Computer Training/Seminars
Chesapeake.Net and its training partner, can make sure your employees have the skills they need to keep your company running smoothly.

Web Site Statistics and Reporting
Chesapeake.Net can provide custom reports for your web page hosted on our state-of-the-art web servers.  What good is a web page if you don't know what its doing for you?  Call Now and get your web statistics.  You can't afford not to.

E-Commerce Solutions
Take advantage of Chesapeake.Net as your E-Commerce solution  provider.  We'll put you in touch  with our E-commerce partners and you'll be able to sell your wares over the Internet for much less than you might think.  Call now and we can show you how it's done.

Server Co-Locations
If you need blazing speed and total  control over your server and its  applications, just rent space from  us.  Your VPS server can run right on our load-balanced commercial-class high-speed connection at a fraction of the cost of  setting up your own.  Call for  pricing now!

Domain Name Registration
Want your own Domain Name?  No  problem.  We can get it for you in  less than a day.  Call now for  pricing!

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