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Offer by Southern Maryland Internet, Inc.  for all new DSL customers. On accounts  with no comittment, a $60.00 shipping and  activation charge will apply to each DSL  order.  Verizon residential  dial-tone may be required to qualify for  DSL. Service not available in all areas  or on all telephone lines and subject to  final confirmation of services by  Verizon. Service provisioned will be up  to 7.1 Mbps based on Verizon line  qualification requirements.   Acceptance of Southern Maryland Internet,  Inc. Terms of Service is required. Actual  throughput speed will vary. Speed and  uninterrupted use of the service are not  guaranteed. Equipment is new or a fully  inspected, tested and warranted return  unit. Equipment provided with the  one-year commitment offer will vary by  location. Offer subject to change without  notice. Other terms and conditions apply.  Valid through 12/31/14. ©Southern Maryland  Internet, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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